Dryer Repair Basics

Dryer Repair Tips and Information

Repairing a dryer may be a rewarding revel in for the professional or a home do-it-yourselfer. You can store money and gain treasured expertise and expertise. Below you’ll discover the stairs necessary to finish a number of the maximum commonplace dryer upkeep.


a) Before attempting any equipment repair disconnect the electrical electricity by removing the AC wire at the wall outlet. A small outlet can easily convey a hundred and fifty times the modern-day had to kill someone.

B) Wear cut or tear-resistant gloves to shield your hands. There are many sharp edges from sheet-metallic that can without problems draw blood.

C) Use knee pads to save your knees from stain.


a) Proper maintenance and care are critical in maintaining your dryer repair los angeles jogging correctly. Improper care will cause your unit to overwork via the usage of more strength to preserve your garments dry than if nicely maintained. By following those pointers, you may lengthen the existence of your clothes dryer, save you fires and avoid much expensive upkeep.

B) Make sure the Dryer ft is a degree to prevent an imbalance inside the machine which could reason loud noises and introduced put on to the Dryer.

C) Empty the lint filter out after use for green drying and hearth prevention. Remove something else that can impede the right airflow. Do no longer forget about to easy the lower back of the dryer where lint settles.

Dryer Repair Basics

D) Vent your dryer to the outdoor, never vent it internally. Clean out the exhaust vent system as a minimum once a year to take away clogs or other obstructions which could obstruct excellent airflow. Never vent with plastic or vinyl. Many human beings rent a professional to do their venting and provider their dryer yearly. Knowledgeable technicians can smooth all interior and exterior dryer ducts to a clean strolling system and assist save you fires. Note: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says fires associated with clothes dryers arise annually.

E) Do not place foam subsidized rugs, rubber or plastic footwear or other warmth sensitive articles in dryers. Also, to prevent fires, do no longer area clothing or other objects soiled with flammable materials like gas and alcohol. Check the wallet of clothes for crayons and different warmth sensitive objects which could ruin the alternative garments.

F) Do now not overload the dryer. This can also subsequently burn out the motor.

Component Replacement: Before beginning, any appliance restore project finds the version number of your appliance. The dryer version variety tag is located in the door on the frame. On some of the Maytag fashions, the tag is placed at the returned of the pinnacle console. Write down the version quantity and locate the elements breakdown diagram on an online part deliver the website.

Igniter Replacement: Symptoms of a defective flame igniter includes: tumbling garments without heat, immoderate time drying and/or intermittent warmth.

A) Locate the igniter on the parts diagram.

B) Remove panels to advantage get right of entry to the dryer igniter.

C) Remove the plug to the igniter and region the multimeter leads on each put up of the igniter leads. Make certain your multimeter is at the ohms scale. If it measures “open” then replace the igniter. If it doesn’t measure “open” this doesn’t guarantee the igniter is good. Igniters work on a protection precept. Current travels via the igniter to the gas valve. The gas valve is calibrated to open at a unique current. As the igniter burns hotter and warmer it decreases resistance allowing more present-day -waft to the gas valve till the edge current is reached and gasoline glide happens. Thus, you could degree a very good ohm studying on an awful igniter that doesn’t burn hot sufficient.

D) Remove screws maintaining down the igniter, deploy a new one, and tighten the screws. Be very careful while you’re doing this. The igniter element is very brittle and shatters easily. One small bump and you will be to your manner to the equipment components shop to buy every other igniter.

E) Re set up panels and you ought to be equipped to go. Test your dryer and wish that your substitute has fixed the trouble.

Drum Roller Replacement: Symptoms of a defective drum roller encompasses loud thumping and/or a squealing sound.

A) Locate the drum curler on the diagram of the components.

B) Remove panels, drum belt and drum paying special attention element. The components will want to be remounted effectively when reversing the procedure.

C) Locate and update the horrific drum rollers. You might also need a snap ring elimination device to do that. If this tool isn’t to be had you may use a small screwdriver to eliminate the snap ring.

D) Using mild oil – 3 in 1 oil works first-class – lube all of the rollers earlier than re meeting.

E) Reinstall Drum, Belt, and outer panels to complete the activity.

Heater Element Testing and Replacement: Symptoms of a horrific heater detail encompass a dryer that doesn’t warmness. Drum will nonetheless flip.

A) Locate the region of the heater detail on the elements diagram

b) Before replacing the heater detail be sure it’s miles faulty. Switch the meter to the ohms scale and degree continuity between the 2 legs of the heater detail. If it measures open then you definately’ve found the problem. Replace it. When disposing of old detail make a mental be aware of all screws, thermostats, and so forth, in order to want back to their proper locations whilst the new heater is established.

C) Replace panels and activate dryer to check capability.

Thermal Fuse Testing and Replacement: Symptoms of a terrible thermal fuse encompass a dryer that doesn’t operate at all. A dryer is “useless”. The drum does no longer turn however most of the time the indoors light will work nicely.

A) Locate the location of the thermal fuse on the parts diagram.

Dryer Repair Basics

B) Remove panels to discover the thermal fuse.

C) With the multimeter at the ohms scale, area each cause every lead of the thermal fuse. You need to see a “quick”. If not then the thermal fuse is blown and will need to get replaced. Please notice that many thermal fuses blow because of overheating – resulting from the restricted outside vent. Restricted house vents are commonplace. Vents need to be wiped clean every 12 months to prevent lint build-up.

Where can you purchase a thermal fuse? Look for your nearby appliance repair organization and they generally may be sold for 5 to twenty bucks. If you appear on the internet, eBay, and so forth., you can find them inexpensive. They are an actual famous device so that you should not have any problem finding one. By the manner, just a observe, because of protection and fireplace hazard considerations, do now not use foil or any other method to skip it. You can come to be with a hearth. The thermal fuse is meant to blow in an “overheat” situation.

D) Replace panels and tests.

Conclusion: As with any appliance restore job this process can be a very profitable enjoy. The task to address new things, to study, to understand new standards affords personal enrichment and promotes self-self-assurance. Go slowly and be aware of detail while you are putting off and reinstalling the appliance parts. Always disconnect the AC power from the equipment earlier than you begin working on this. Electrical Shock may be lethal so be aware of the element.